When Sanjay Khan Brutally Beaten Zeenat Aman In A Party Actress Broke Jaw And Damaged One Eye

Sanjay Khan Broke Zeenat Aman Jaw: Sanjay Khan is known in the film industry as an actor, director and producer. Sanjay Khan made his debut in the film industry with the 1964 film Haqeeqat. In a career spanning three decades, he appeared in about 30 films. Sanjay Khan remained in discussion about his personal life more than his professional life. The stories of Sanjay Khan and Zeenat Aman’s affair were very famous in the corridors of Bollywood at that time. The news even came that Zeenat Aman was so infatuated with Sanjay Khan that she married the already married actor without thinking. Sanjay Khan entered in Zeenat’s life in 1980. The love story of both of them started from the set of the film Abdullah.

Zeenat was dating married Sanjay
It is said that Zeenat and Sanjay were seen together in every party and event in those days, while Sanjay was already married and the father of four children. After the shooting of Abdullah film, Zeenat started doing other films. Sanjay Khan was of angry nature from the beginning. One day Sanjay called Zeenat and asked her to shoot a song. Zeenat was busy at that time and she was short of dates. Because of this, he refused the actor. Just what then ! Sanjay Khan got angry and started listening to the actress on the phone itself.

Actress beaten up in a crowded party
After being free from the set, Zeenat went directly to Sanjay’s house. On going home, it was found that Sanjay was partying at Hotel Taj. Zeenat also reached there fearfully. As soon as Sanjay saw Zeenat, he started beating Zeenat in front of everyone. Sanjay beat Zeenat badly in front of hotel staff and guests. Sanjay beat the actress so badly that even her jaw was broken. Along with this, the light in his right eye also got weak. This incident was mentioned by Sanjay himself in his biography The Big Mistakes of My Life. After this Zeenat ended her relationship with Sanjay and married Mazhar Khan in 1985.

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