When Drunk Mahesh Bhatt Forgot His House Address Arbaaz Khan Salman Khan Dropped Him Home Read What Happened | When Drunk Mahesh Bhatt forgot his home address, Arbaaz Khan said

Arbaaz Khan On Mahesh Bhatt: Some time ago when Mahesh Bhatt reached Arbaaz Khan’s show, he made a lot of revelations about his life. During this, Arbaaz Khan also told a very funny and surprising story about the director. Actually, Mahesh Bhatt used to be addicted to alcohol in those days and Pooja Bhatt’s mother used to lock him in the balcony when he used to come home after drinking alcohol. Pooja Bhatt herself told this in the interview.

Mahesh Bhatt forgot his home address
When Mahesh Bhatt reached Arbaaz Khan’s show The Invincibles, the actor shared this anecdote. He had said that once Mahesh Bhatt, who came to his house, had drunk too much. After drinking, he started insisting on going home, while he and Salman wanted to stop him at home. Mahesh Bhatt was drunk, so he did not listen to anyone. In such a situation, Arbaaz and Salman decided that they would drop him by cab to his house. All three of them got out of the cab, but Mahesh Bhatt forgot the way to his house. Arbaaz said that he was also feeling bad seeing this condition of Mahesh Bhatt, but was also laughing a lot.

left alcohol because of this
However, during this, Mahesh Bhatt also told how he got rid of his alcohol habit. According to Mahesh Bhatt, he gave up alcohol forever because of his daughter Shaheen. Mahesh Bhatt said, “When my daughter Shaheen was born, there was a change. When I reached the hospital, I was carrying Shaheen in my lap. But as soon as I started kissing her, I felt as if she had lost herself to me.” She could not tolerate the smell of alcohol. She could not because she was a child. But I was drunk, so I felt that she could not tolerate the smell of alcohol. Then I stopped drinking.”

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