Buddha Amritwani Gautam Buddha Thoughts And Story Remove Every Sorrow Of Life

Buddha Amritwani Gautam Buddha Thoughts: The teachings of Lord Gautam Buddha are still relevant among the people. The reason for this is that from the story, teachings and teachings of Gautam Buddha, a person learns a successful and happy life. Gautam Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, always taught people the sense of truth, non-violence and compassion. This is the reason that not only in India but also in many other countries there are people who believe in Buddha.

‘Sorrow’ is the main reason for the troubles of every person’s life. But this is such a thing, which definitely happens in everyone’s life. Because happiness and sorrow remain engaged in life. Neither the time of happiness remains constant nor that of sorrow. But who likes to be sad in life. Gautam Buddha says that suffering becomes more painful when you allow it to dominate you. But only after knowing sorrow, one can feel happiness. Gautam Buddha tells about 3 measures to get rid of sorrow, which are as follows-

  • What is sadness: Gautam Buddha says that in order to stay away from sorrow, first of all it is necessary to know what is sorrow. There is no such creature in the world, who does not have sorrow in his life. Grief is a normal condition. That’s why sorrow should never be allowed to dominate oneself. Sorrow will stay away from you only when you try to keep yourself happy.
  • What is the cause of suffering: Buddha says that the main cause of suffering is due to the intense desire to achieve something. That’s why there is no sorrow in the life of a person who has no craving for anything. That’s why one should not expect much about anything.
  • Remedies to remove sorrow: Sorrow is there in everyone’s life. Gautam Buddha says that one has to understand that suffering does not last forever. There is also a way to remove it. Regarding the prevention of sorrow, Buddha says that in order to keep sorrow away, a person should always know the eightfold path and walk on the right path. This will never hurt him.

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The soulful story telling of a little girl will win hearts. Sadhvi Rithambara | Vatsalya Gram | Dharma Live

>sadhviritambhara #vrindavan #dharmalive Little girl’s soulful story telling will win hearts. Sadhvi Rithambara | Vatsalya Gram | Dharma Live A small child of Vatsalya village, Siya Padmanabhan learned the virtue of Bhagavad Vachan in the company of Didi Maa Ritambhara. Today, watch this beautiful recitation of Bhagavad by this stunning girl and do share it with other people as well. Sadhvi Ritambhara: Fearless Sadhvi’s loving sister mother |Interview  @DidiMaaSadhviRitambhara  Link : https://youtu.be/DYBCo0lWHF4

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Priyanka Chopra Was In Love With Shahid Kapoor Once Got Engaged Then Why Separated Here Is Couple Love Story

Priyanka Chopra-Shahid Kapoor Breakup: Bollywood’s desi girl Priyanka Chopra and handsome hunk Shahid Kapoor have dated each other. People liked the pairing of both. However, when their breakup happened, people could not understand why it happened. When this couple separated, their fans also felt very bad. Shahid and Priyanka have appeared together in films like ‘Kaminey’ and ‘Teri Meri Kahani’. The closeness between the two started increasing during the shooting of the film ‘Kaminey’.

Shahid-Priyanka’s hit pair
The film ‘Kaminey’ was a super hit, as well as discussions of their pair started happening everywhere. Not only this, both were also seen together in Karan Johar’s chat show ‘Koffee with Karan’. In the year 2011, when the income tax raid was done at Priyanka’s house, then Shahid was also present with her. Priyanka herself had also agreed to this in your court. Priyanka had said that Shahid was the only celebrity who used to live near her house. In such a situation, when there was a raid, he called them first.

breakup because of this
There were even reports that Shahid and Priyanka got engaged in a private ceremony in Goa and both are going to get married soon. It is said that after the engagement, Priyanka got busy shooting for ‘Anjaana Anjaani’ and her closeness with Ranbir Kapoor started increasing. According to media reports, Shahid had also forbidden Priyanka from working in films with Ranbir, but the actress did not agree. Priyanka did not like Roktok and thought it better to end her relationship with Shahid. It also came to light that the lifestyle of both did not match with each other. While Shahid preferred to stay at home, Priyanka was fond of parties. Let me tell you, later Priyanka married American singer Nick Jonas, while Shahid made Meera Rajput his life partner.

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Raj Kapoor Holi Party With Transgenders The Story Behind Sun Sahiba Sun Song

Throwback: Veteran filmmaker Raj Kapoor was not called the showman of Bollywood for no reason. Alam is that the fans still believe that there is no other person better than Raj Kapoor in the film industry, who should be awarded this title. Actually, Raj Kapoor was such a filmmaker, whose movies were always four steps ahead of time. One of his films ‘Ram Teri Ganga Maili’ is still remembered for its excellent storyline and songs.

Holi party would not have happened without transgenders

It is worth noting that Raj Kapoor is also remembered for having a grand Holi party in Bollywood. Every year on the festival of Holi, veteran stars used to gather in his party. He also used to invite transgenders in his Holi party. He used to play songs of his films in front of transgenders in the party and take feedback from them.

Used to take special advice on songs

He followed the same process with the songs of Ram Teri Ganga Maili. You will be surprised that he rejected a song in the film just because it was not liked by transgenders. After this, he asked music composer Ravindra Jain to write a new song instead of the rejected song. Ravindra also did not disappoint the veteran filmmaker and penned a song that would be remembered for generations. In fact, he wrote the song Sun Sahiba Sun, which touched the hearts of transgenders as well.

It was decorated like this listen sir listen

Fans liked this song in the melodious voice of Lata Mangeshkar. At the same time, the heart touching lyrics of Hasrat Jaipuri became the main attraction of this song. Let us tell you that this funny story was narrated by famous film critic and writer Jayaprakash Choukse in an interview.

Raj Kapoor’s career was like this

Significantly, Raj Kapoor was also awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award along with three National Film Awards and 11 Filmfare Awards. He started his acting career in 1945, when he was only 10 years old. After this he worked with Madhubala in the film Neelkamal in 1947. Later he established RK Studio, whose first film was ‘Aag’.

Sheezan Khan Photo: After getting out of jail, Sheezan Khan was seen spending happy moments with family on Holi, this photo surfaced

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Swara Bhasker Fahad Ahmad Wedding Party Card Has Shah Rukh Khan Connection Actress Mention Her Love Story Also

Swara Bhaskar Wedding Card: Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar gave a big surprise to the fans by marrying social media activist and boyfriend Fahad Ahmed on February 16. After which the pictures of their wedding have become viral on social media. At the same time, Swara had also announced that she will marry Fahad with full rituals. At present, the preparations for the marriage of the actress are going on. There are reports that after Holi, Swara will have an intimate wedding with Fahadh at her grandmother’s house. Wedding party cards have also been printed, which are said to be very special. Actually, a special message has been written on Swara’s wedding card, which is becoming increasingly viral.

Swara’s wedding card is very interesting
Please tell that Swara Bhaskar’s wedding card also has a connection with Shah Rukh Khan. Actually on the card is the poster of King Khan’s film DDLJ. Also, people standing near the subway are seen holding placards with different messages written on them. ‘Hum Dekhenge’, ‘Inquilab Zindabad’, ‘We the people of India’ on the cards; Like slogans are also mentioned.

Swara Bhaskar told her love story in the card
There is also a mention on Swara Bhaskar’s wedding card that how their love story progressed. It is written on the card, “Many times we keep searching for something for a long time and then it is known that it was always with you. We were looking for love but found friendship first. It all started with a protest which went on increasing after a potical incident. In that darkness we found light and saw each other from a different perspective. We found love in the time of hatred.

Swara’s wedding is in Delhi
The card further read, “Yes, there was worry, uncertainty and fear. But there is also faith and hope. Join us and enjoy as we celebrate the madness of Basant March 2023 in Delhi. that which we ourselves are. Must come. The actress has also shared this card of her wedding on social media.

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