Anupam Kher Visits Kolkata Kalighat Temple For Pray His Friend Satish Kaushik Soul Watch Video

Anupam Kher At Kalighat Temple Video: If we talk about the most powerful artist of the Bollywood film industry, then the name of Anupam Kher will definitely be included in it. Recently, Anupam Kher’s heart is badly broken due to the demise of Hindi cinema veteran Satish Kaushik. Meanwhile, the latest video of Anupam Kher has surfaced on social media. In which he is seen visiting the famous Kalighat temple in Kolkata. In this video, Anupam Kher is also seen talking about the peace of his dear friend Satish Kaushik’s soul.

Anupam Kher visits Kalighat temple in Kolkata

Actually, on Sunday, Anupam Kher has shared a latest video on his official Instagram handle. This video of Anupam Kher is during the darshan of Kalighat temple in Kolkata. In the caption of this video, Anupam Kher has written – Today, after visiting Maa Kali in the great Kalighat temple of Kolkata, my mind was satisfied. Prayed for the integrity of the country and for all of you. Also prayed for the peace of my dear friend Satish Kaushik’s soul, the history of the country’s temples is amazing.

Along with this, Anupam Kher is seen saying the same thing in the video as well and talking about the recognition of the Kalighat temple. This latest video of Anupam Kher is being liked a lot on social media. Also, through this love and respect for friend Satish Kaushik, Anupam Kher has set a real example of friendship.

Anupam’s heart is broken due to Satish’s death.

Anupam Kher had informed about the death of Satish Kaushik on social media. After this, many such videos of Anupam Kher came to the fore, in which he was seen crying and sad because of the death of his friend Satish Kaushik.

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Businessman Vikas Mallu Statement On Satish Kaushik Death And His Friendship Ann | Vikas Malu issued a statement in front of Satish Kaushik’s death case, said

Vikas Mallu Statement on Satish Kaushik Death: The name of businessman Vikas Malu was constantly coming to the fore in the death case of Bollywood actor Satish Kaushik. Before his death, Satish Kaushik had come to celebrate Holi at Vikas Malu’s farmhouse in Bijwasan, Delhi. After which his health deteriorated and he died. Now Vikas Malu’s statement has come to the fore on this whole matter.

Vikas Malu has shared a video of Satish Kaushik during Holi celebrations on his Instagram account. In this video, Satish Kaushik is seen dancing fiercely. Sharing the video, Vikas wrote in his statement, “Satish ji was my friend for the last almost 30 years, it didn’t take even a moment for the world to misuse my name. We are not able to get over the tragedy that happened a few hours after the Holi celebrations. Breaking my silence on this matter, I want to say that untoward incidents always happen without being informed and no one insists on it. With this, I would like to request the members of the media to respect everyone’s sentiments. Satish ji will always be missed in all our upcoming functions.

Vikas Malu’s wife made serious allegations

Vikas Malu’s wife has reportedly given a complaint to the Delhi Police in which she has claimed that he has been murdered. This woman is none other than Satish Kaushik’s friend and wife of businessman Vikal Malu. The woman claims that her husband killed Satish Kaushik over a dispute of Rs 15 crore. In her complaint to the police, the woman said that a few years ago her husband had taken Rs 15 crore from Satish Kaushik. But her husband did not have money to pay, so he committed the murder over this dispute.

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Woman Alleges Foul Play In Satish Kaushik Death Over Rs 15 Crore Dispute Delhi Police Denied Such Claims

Satish Kaushik Death: A shocking claim has come to light regarding the death of late actor Satish Kaushik. A woman has reportedly given a complaint to the Delhi Police in which she has claimed that she has been murdered. This woman is none other than Satish Kaushik’s friend and wife of businessman Vikal Malu. The woman claims that her husband killed Satish Kaushik over a dispute of Rs 15 crore. In her complaint to the police, the woman said that a few years ago her husband had taken Rs 15 crore from Satish Kaushik. But her husband did not have money to pay, so he committed the murder over this dispute.

Police did not find any evidence of murder

According to the report of ETimes, Delhi Police denied the possibility of unnatural death of Satish Kaushik regarding this matter. The source also revealed that the complaint lodged by the woman with the Delhi Police could not be verified. But the source also said that the final decision on this alleged complaint is yet to come, the police officers involved will either confirm or deny the veracity of the complaint.

Another IANS report quoted Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (South-West) Rajeev Kumar as saying, “The local police is in touch with Kaushik’s family, who have not raised any doubts about his death. Inquiries done so far Nothing suspicious or fall play has been found. However, police action is on.”

The family is not accepting any conspiracy

At the same time, ETimes also spoke to sources close to Satish Kaushik’s family regarding this matter. His close friends said that the claim of any foul play around the death of Satish Kaushik is not true. The source told Satish that Kaushik died of cardiac arrest and there was no conspiracy in his death. Earlier yesterday, Delhi Police also issued a statement that they had received the preliminary report of the postmortem and the cause of death was stated to be cardiac arrest due to coronary artery blockage associated with Coronary Artery Disease.

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Satish Kaushik Was Murdered, The Accused Is My Husband- A Woman Shocked Everyone By Giving A Statement To The Police Ann | ‘Satish Kaushik was murdered, the accused is my husband’

Satish Kaushik: There has been a big disclosure in the death case of Bollywood veteran actor and director Satish Kaushik. A woman named Saanvi Malu has complained to the police commissioner claiming that Satish Kaushik was murdered. Not only this, this woman has claimed that no one else but my husband Vikas Malu is involved in the murder of Satish Kaushik. The thing to note is that there is a dispute going on between Saanvi Malu and Vikas Malu. Saanvi has also registered a rape case against Vikas.

Delhi Police recovered medicines from the farmhouse

Delhi Police has recovered some medicines from the farmhouse where actor-filmmaker Satish Kaushik had attended a party. A day later, he died of a heart attack. A senior police officer said that information about Kaushik’s death was received from the hospital. He told that after this the body was taken to Deendayal Upadhyaya Hospital (DDU) hospital for further action.

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (South-West) Rajeev Kumar said that in the investigation so far it has been found that Kaushik along with his manager Santosh Rai had come to Delhi at around 10 am on Wednesday and stayed at his friend Vikas Malu’s house in Bijwasan. The police officer said that according to the actor’s manager, they had celebrated Holi till 3 pm and there was no party in the evening or night.

Complained of uneasiness and chest pain to the manager

The police officer said that according to the manager, Kaushik had dinner at around 9 pm and then went to his room after a walk and then watched some ‘clips’ of films. Kumar said that at around 12 midnight, Kaushik called his manager, who was staying in the adjacent room, and complained of uneasiness and chest pain. He told that after this he was taken to Fortis Hospital, where he was declared brought dead.

Police said that during interrogation, nothing suspicious or objectionable was found at the spot or from the room of the deceased, except some medicines. He said that all the eyewitnesses were examined and their statements were recorded. Police said that the CCTV footage from the spot is also being seized and investigated. Police said that the board of doctors at DDU Hospital conducted the post-mortem at 10 am on Thursday, after which the body was handed over to the relatives.

Postmortem report mentions death due to heart attack

Kumar told that the postmortem report states that the preliminary cause of death is heart attack due to blockage of coronary artery and the death appears to be natural. Kumar told that the final opinion will be given only after the observation of the histopathology study report of heart and blood FSL. Officials said that the police is in touch with Kaushik’s family and they have not raised any suspicion of any kind of conspiracy. He told that, however, the police action is going on under section 174 of CrPC.

Satish Kaushik died on Thursday

Please tell that 66-year-old Satish Kaushik died of a heart attack in the early hours of Thursday while being taken to a hospital in Gurugram. His health deteriorated on Wednesday night and he was taken to Fortis Hospital in Gurugram, adjacent to Delhi, where doctors told that he had died before reaching the hospital.

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Satish Kaushik Death: Mention of many diseases found in postmortem report of Satish Kaushik, police probing medicines found at farmhouse

Satish Kaushik Prayer Meet: Satish Kaushik’s prayer meeting will be held on March 21, this special friend of the actor is making all the arrangements

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Satish Kaushik Prayer Meeting Will Be Held On March 21 Anupam Kher Will Organize

Satish Kaushik Prayer Meet: Bollywood’s versatile actor-director Satish Kaushik passed away on 9 March 2023. His family, friends and fans are shocked by the sudden death of the laughing actor. Satish’s last rites were also performed on Thursday at around 8:30 pm in Mumbai. According to reports, Kaushik died in Delhi due to a heart attack. He had gone to attend a friend’s Holi party, during which his health deteriorated. The actor was taken to the hospital but he died. Later his body was brought to Mumbai by air ambulance.

When will Satish Kaushik’s prayer meeting be held?
At the same time, according to the report of Etimes, there will be no fourth ceremony of the late actor. The family will pray every day till March 20. After this, prayer meet of Satish Kaushik will be organized on 21st March. According to reports, Kaushik’s close friend Anupam Kher will organize it. All the stars of the industry are expected to attend the prayer meet of the late actor. At the same time, Anupam Kher has already sent a message to the people of the industry regarding this. Although the place and time have not been decided yet, but it is expected that this too will be finalized by tonight.

Satish Kaushik wanted a long life for his daughter
On the other hand, his wife Shashi and 10-year-old daughter Vanshika are completely broken by the sudden death of Satish Kaushik. Satish Kaushik wanted to live a long life to see his daughter settle down in life. The late actor’s friend Rumi Jafri had revealed this in an interview to E Times.

delhi police probing satish kaushik death case
On the other hand, in the case of Satish Kaushik’s death, the Delhi Police has revealed that the actor died under suspicious circumstances. The post-mortem report has also been received by the police, after which a police team reached the same farm house where Satish Kaushik was present before his death. Police have recovered objectionable medicines from the farm house. The police have also scanned the CCTV footage. At present, the police is engaged in the investigation.

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Delhi Police Received Satish Kaushik Post Mortem Report Investigation Continue

Satish Kaushik Death: Everyone is shocked by the sudden demise of Bollywood’s famous actor-director Satish Kaushik. Meanwhile, Delhi Police sources had revealed that Satish died under suspicious circumstances. The police was waiting to get the post mortem report of Satish Kaushik. At the same time, news is coming that after receiving the postmortem report of Satish Kaushik, the Delhi Police on Saturday again visited the farmhouse where the veteran actor had a Holi party before his death.

Police reached the form house and searched the CCTV footage
According to police sources, after receiving the postmortem report of the late actor, the Delhi Police again reached the farmhouse and also scanned the CCTV footage. At the same time, according to sources, the investigation into the death of the 66-year-old actor will be based on the postmortem report. According to sources, the doctors present during the postmortem did not find anything suspicious about the actor’s death. While the Delhi Police said, “The blood sample and heart report of the late actor is still awaited and it will also come soon.”

Police found ‘objectionable drugs’ at the farm house
Earlier in the day, sources in the Delhi Police had said that a crine team of Delhi’s South-West district police visited the farmhouse where Satish Kaushish had gone for a Holi party. According to sources, the investigation team had recovered some ‘medicines’ from the farmhouse. An industrialist had organized a Holi party at the farm house. Delhi Police sources said, “The drugs are being investigated.” Delhi Police sources also said, “A party was organized at the farmhouse, which belonged to an industrialist.” He said that the industrialist is wanted in another case.

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Amitabh Bachchan Remembers Satish Kaushik Says Humne Ek Aur Kho Diya | Amitabh Bachchan became emotional remembering Satish Kaushik, said

Amitabh Bachchan remembers Satish Kaushik: Megastar Amitabh Bachchan is now better than before and his injury is now slowly healing. Ever since the injury on the sets of the film, Big B has been continuously sharing updates related to his health through his blog. Amitabh Bachchan also remembered late actor Satish Kaushik in his blog.

Big B started the blog by paying tribute to the late actor Satish Kaushik. Both shared the screen in the 1998 film ‘Bade Miyan Chhote Miyan’. Big B wrote, “And we have lost another..a wonderful company,most accomplished artist and at the peak of his career..Satish Kaushik..working with you was so inspiring..and such learnings..my prayers .. 🙏🚩.

said thank you to the fans

He further mentioned how he appreciates all the artworks that his fans send him. He said that he never got a chance to thank his fans but he wants to tell them that he is grateful for their love. Big B said that he does not speak publicly about the artefacts and pictures sent by the fans, but often talks to his friends and family.

Big B wrote a secret note

Big B is resting at his home in Mumbai after suffering an injury on the sets of Nag Ashwin’s film ‘Project K’. Recently, the actor left a cryptic note at the end of his new blog. He told his fans, “I will hopefully come back .. but if I don’t .. rest well .. and my love ❤️.”

After the injury, Big B also hinted in a post that he might never organize a Holi party at his residence, which has been a tradition over the years. He wrote, ‘May be that time will never come again.. I hope it will come.. but it seems difficult.. at least for now.. when in time and contemplation.. on Babuji’s words Go back.” Meanwhile, the shooting of Project K has been put on hold due to Big B’s injury. Project K is touted to be an ambitious sci-fi entertainer tentatively scheduled for release in early 2024. Deepika Padukone and Prabhas are also in lead roles in the film.

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Satish Kaushik Death Case Delhi Police Shocking Disclosure Actor Death Under Suspicious Circumstances ANN

Satish Kaushik Death: Bollywood’s versatile actor-director Satish Kaushik had died suddenly in the past. It was being told that Satish died of a heart attack. At the same time, a shocking new revelation has come in this matter. According to Delhi Police sources, Satish Kaushik died under suspicious circumstances.

Police found ‘objectionable medicines’ from the farm house
According to the information received from the sources of Delhi Police, when the Delhi Police team went to the farm house and investigated, some ‘objectionable medicines’ were recovered by the police. After this, the police is waiting for the detailed post mortem and viscera report of Satish Kaushik. Only after this the whole picture will be clear.

Police prepared the list of guests who came to the Holi party
Along with this, tell that the police has also prepared a list of the guests who came to the Holi party, who were present in the farmhouse at that time. The police also want to interrogate the industrialist who is absconding after the death of Satish Kaushik. In the investigation by the police, it is also trying to find out that for whom and why the packets of objectionable medicines found at the form house had come? Did he have any relation with Satish Kausish?

Satish Kaushik came to friend’s holo party in Delhi
Please tell that Satish Kaushik had come to a friend’s farm house in Delhi for a Holi party. During this, his health had deteriorated. After which he was taken to the hospital but he died. According to doctors, the actor died of a heart attack. At the same time, the entire industry is shocked by the sudden demise of Satish Kaushik. No one is able to believe that Satish Kausish, who was always smiling and laughing, is no more in this world. At the same time, all the stars of B-town including Salman Khan, Anupam Kher, Javed Akhtar, Ranbir Kapoor reached his house to bid farewell to Satish.

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Shekhar Kapur Pens Emotional Note On Satish Kaushik He Became Part Of My Family

Shekhar Kapoor On Satish Kaushik: Filmmaker Shekhar Kapur on Friday penned an emotional note on his Instagram handle for actor-filmmaker Satish Kaushik, who passed away on Wednesday. Shekhar Kapur posted a picture of Kaushik on his Instagram handle and wrote a long emotional note.

He wrote, “There is flood in Mumbai. I barely reached the airport to catch my flight. When I was not standing in the queue to check in, a young man came to me. Was completely wet. I had seen him before. He always stood outside my office with a smile on his face along with others. I used to give him a smile back.

He further wrote, “I came here because I knew that you will not be surrounded by others. My area was flooded and I had to swim to reach here.. I want to be your assistant director. how can i not speak This is how our journey started. From third assistant director to chief assistant to associate director.”

Shekhar wrote, “Satish has become a part of my family. lived with me Like a brother.. acted in my films.. and then as he became a director in his own right.. Satish went out into the world to explore new horizons. , Love never went away.. always intended to come back together. I am still accepting Satish’s passing.. there is one last thing about his passing, I am not ready to accept it.. because our story was incomplete.. it is still incomplete. Because a love story doesn’t end, it transforms, it teaches, it explores, it breaks your heart, but you are. Because love is..”

Please tell that Shekhar Kapur worked with Satish Kaushik in two films – Mr. India and Masoom. Satish Kaushik died at the age of 66 in Delhi due to cardiac arrest. His family, friends and Bollywood celebrities attended the last rites held in Mumbai on Thursday.

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Anupam Kher Gets Emotional As He Remembers Satish Kaushik After His Demise Watch Video

Anupam Kher on Satish Kaushik: There is a wave of mourning in the entire industry due to the demise of Bollywood actor Satish Kaushik. No one is convinced that he is no more in this world. Meanwhile, Anupam Kher has posted an emotional video in memory of his close friend Satish Kaushik. He told that Satis Kaushik was friend of friends. They used to have fights but used to talk to each other on the phone every morning.

45 year old friendship had turned into habit

Anupam Kher said that 45 years old friendship with Satish Kaushik had turned into a habit and not just friendship. He said that no habit is easily left, something similar he is feeling after Satish’s departure.

Anupam Kher was going to call Satish Kaushik

Anupam said that today when he had to eat something and he could not understand what to eat, he was going to call his friend Satish. Anupam recalls the days of their friendship, saying that Satish and he had joined the National School of Drama together, struggled together, acted in films together, Satish first moved to Mumbai, staying in a hostel He used to go to Satish’s house for food, used to feel jealous of each other. They used to fight with each other, but used to call each other every morning.

Anupam told that Satish was a friend of friends and he always wanted to see him happy. Anupam said that he is making this video so that he can move forward in life, although it will be difficult to move forward in life without Satish, but this is the way of life.

Satish Kaushik gets happiness

With a heavy heart and a teary throat, Anupam told that he thought if he could speak his mind, she would like it and hence decided to make this video. Anupam said that normally they would never be able to move ahead without Satish in this way, but they have to do it so that it makes Satish happy as he would also want the same.

Satish Kaushik must be jealous

Anupam Kher said that wherever Satish is, he will not only be happy, but at this time he must also be jealous of me and must be saying that you have done me better. Satish Kaushik was a very kind hearted person, very strong person and a great friend. Anupam said that while moving forward with life and embracing this chapter of life, he would try to be happy as Satish would also want the same for him. Anupam said that his dearest friend Satish will always be in his heart.

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