Delhi Police Find Some Medicines From Farm House Where Bollywood Actor Filmmaker Ann

Satish Kaushik Death: In the case of the death of actor-director Satish Kaushik, the police has received the detailed post-mortem report. In this, the cause of death has been clearly mentioned as cardiac arrest. Along with this, it has also been said in the report that he also had a medical history of hypertension and sugar. So far, no evidence has been found in the investigation that the death took place under any suspicious circumstances.

Police engaged in investigation

According to police sources, 20 to 25 people attended the party at the farm house where Satish Kaushik was present. Now all of them will be called for questioning. Police has taken about 7 hours of CCTV footage of the form house in its possession and it is being investigated. However, till now the police do not find anything suspicious. After the death of Satish Kaushik, the crime team of the police and the FSL team had reached the spot and the investigation has been done there.

During this, the police had received some suspicious medicines which have been sent for investigation and their report is yet to come. But according to sources, no banned medicine has been found, it is being ascertained which salts were found in the medicine found. However, the police have not yet found a direct connection between the receipt of medicines and the death of Satish Kaushik.

waiting for viscera report

The viscera report is yet to come, the police is waiting for the viscera report. Only after that it will be known what Satish Kaushik had eaten. In fact, according to the information received about the owner of the farm house, the owner of the farm house belongs to Vikas Malu. Vikas Malu is the owner of Kuber Group. Satish is a family friend of Kaushik. Whose Malu Farm House is in Pushpanjali Farm House area of ​​Bijwasan, Delhi.

Holi was celebrated with friends

The party held at the farm house on the day of Holi was attended by 20 to 25 guests. Satish Kaushik celebrated Holi with his friends, danced and danced, after which he went to sleep at around 9.30 pm and at around 12 o’clock his health deteriorated, he called the manager and told him that he was having difficulty in breathing. His manager took him to Fortis Hospital in Gurugram where he died at 1.43 am despite giving CPR.

Vikas Malu is accused in many cases including rape

According to the police, Vikas Malu, the owner of Malu Farmhouse, had filed a rape case last year against his second wife. The second wife had also filed a case against both the daughters of Vikas Malu in the rape case along with Vikas Malu. While the minor son of Vikas Malu’s first wife had lodged an FIR against Vikas Malu’s second wife under the POSCO Act. Whose video is also with the police.

After the complaint received from both the sides, the police had registered an FIR against both the parties but did not arrest them. On the other hand, on the orders of the court, the police had opened the LOC on the orders of the court, written by Vikas Malu. But later, on the orders of the court, Vikas Malu’s LOC was closed, but before that his passport was deposited by the police. In this case, the police is in touch with Vikas Malu. On the other hand, on the basis of the postmortem report, the police is preparing to clobber them after seeing the footage of 7 hours.

Satish Kaushik Prayer Meet: Satish Kaushik’s prayer meeting will be held on March 21, this special friend of the actor is making all the arrangements

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When Drunk Mahesh Bhatt Forgot His House Address Arbaaz Khan Salman Khan Dropped Him Home Read What Happened | When Drunk Mahesh Bhatt forgot his home address, Arbaaz Khan said

Arbaaz Khan On Mahesh Bhatt: Some time ago when Mahesh Bhatt reached Arbaaz Khan’s show, he made a lot of revelations about his life. During this, Arbaaz Khan also told a very funny and surprising story about the director. Actually, Mahesh Bhatt used to be addicted to alcohol in those days and Pooja Bhatt’s mother used to lock him in the balcony when he used to come home after drinking alcohol. Pooja Bhatt herself told this in the interview.

Mahesh Bhatt forgot his home address
When Mahesh Bhatt reached Arbaaz Khan’s show The Invincibles, the actor shared this anecdote. He had said that once Mahesh Bhatt, who came to his house, had drunk too much. After drinking, he started insisting on going home, while he and Salman wanted to stop him at home. Mahesh Bhatt was drunk, so he did not listen to anyone. In such a situation, Arbaaz and Salman decided that they would drop him by cab to his house. All three of them got out of the cab, but Mahesh Bhatt forgot the way to his house. Arbaaz said that he was also feeling bad seeing this condition of Mahesh Bhatt, but was also laughing a lot.

left alcohol because of this
However, during this, Mahesh Bhatt also told how he got rid of his alcohol habit. According to Mahesh Bhatt, he gave up alcohol forever because of his daughter Shaheen. Mahesh Bhatt said, “When my daughter Shaheen was born, there was a change. When I reached the hospital, I was carrying Shaheen in my lap. But as soon as I started kissing her, I felt as if she had lost herself to me.” She could not tolerate the smell of alcohol. She could not because she was a child. But I was drunk, so I felt that she could not tolerate the smell of alcohol. Then I stopped drinking.”

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When Aamir Khan Refused To Eat At Shah Rukh Khan House Party Here Is The Reason Why

Aamir Khan Shocking Revelation: Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan both are big stars of Bollywood. Both have been ruling the film industry for many years. To watch the films of these two, fans throng the cinema halls even today. Even though today both are good friends of each other, but it is said that once Aamir Khan refused to eat food at Shahrukh’s house. Aamir himself disclosed this at the book launch event of a fat loss during the film ‘Dangal’. What was the reason, let us know.

Aamir Khan disclosed
Referring to this anecdote, Aamir Khan said, “Once the CEO of ‘Apple’ came to Shahrukh’s house ‘Tim Cook’ and Shahrukh called me too. I went there and then the dinner started. , Gauri also asked me for dinner, but I told her that I have brought my tiffin with me and I will eat the same. Gauri was shocked at this”. Aamir further said, “Gauri asked me a lot to eat, but then I explained to her that I am following a diet and because of this I can eat only what I have brought”.

Took own tiffin for dinner
Significantly, when Aamir Khan’s film Dangal came, he had put on a lot of weight for his character. Because of this, he was eating a lot of food for many days. Whereas when he reached Shahrukh’s house and dinner started, he took out his tiffin and started eating with everyone. All the people present there were surprised to see Aamir eating so much. Although later the actor told that he is doing this for the film.

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Shah Rukh Khan Staff Helps Injured Man Who Entered Actor House

Shah Rukh Khan House: A new update has come to light about two people who entered the house of King Shahrukh Khan of Bollywood. It is being told that both these men wanted to meet Shahrukh, who was hiding in the actor’s make-up room for about eight hours before the security caught him. Shahrukh’s make-up room is built on the third floor of his house Mannat.

Both the people are residents of Gujarat.

These two people who entered Shahrukh’s house have been identified as Sahil Salim Khan and Ram Saraf Kushwaha. who are residents of Gujarat. After being caught there, both of them have been handed over to the police. Giving information to a news agency, the police said, “Both the accused entered Shahrukh Khan’s bungalow to meet him and kept waiting for the actor to come to his make-up room for about eight hours. He was there on the first day at around 3 o’clock.” Came and the next day at 10:30 am he was caught.

Actor’s staff helped the intruders

On the other hand, Mannat’s manager Colleen D’Souza told the police in her statement that, ‘The security guard called her at 11 am on March 2 and told that two people have entered the bungalow. Those who were caught. One of these people also had some injury on his cheek. Whose employees got the treatment done immediately.

Shahrukh will be seen in these films

Let us tell you that Shahrukh Khan has returned to the big screen after four years with the film ‘Pathan’ released on 25 January. This film broke many box office records. These days Shahrukh is busy shooting for his upcoming films. In ‘Jawan’, he will be seen alongside Nayantara, Vijay Sethupathi, Sanya Malhotra and Sunil Grover. This film will be released on 2 June. At the same time, his second film ‘Danky’ with Taapsee Pannu is going to be released in December 2023.

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Injured Amitabh Bachchan Feels Sad About Not Joining Holi Celebrations Remembers Old Holi Parties At Bachchan House

Amitabh Bachchan Injured: On the occasion of Holi, Bollywood emperor Amitabh Bachchan was seen remembering the old days. In fact, a few days ago Big B was injured in Hyderabad during the shooting of the film ‘Project K’, due to which he is resting. On the occasion of Holi, he wrote a blog and remembered the old Holi parties of the Bachchan family. He wrote that time never comes back.

Big B remembered the old days
Amitabh wrote in his blog, ‘There is an atmosphere of lethargy in the house. Did not participate in any kind of physical activity. Unable to attend any program due to injury. Recalling the old days, Amitabh wrote, ‘The gaiety of Holi, which was celebrated with great enthusiasm and in a good way, has now been lost. It’s been like this for years… Doors open to all.. Everyone welcome to the party… Everyone drenched in dance and music… Loud party from the start of the day to the end of the day… That time Not going to come back now. I hope they will do the same, but in the present situation it seems difficult.

When there was confusion about Holi
Significantly, on Tuesday (March 7), Big B had written about Holika Dahan at home. He had told, ‘Holika was lit in Jalsa last night. There was confusion regarding the date of Holi, but now everything is fine. Holi is being celebrated today and tomorrow too…. So what I could have done in a state of confusion, could not be done… I am resting and trying to heal myself…’

had informed about the injury
Please inform that Amitabh had informed about his injury in a blog written on Sunday night. He told that he was injured during the shooting of Project K in Hyderabad. Please tell that this film being made in Hindi and Telugu languages ​​will be released in 2024. Big B told that his rib is hurt, in which there is a lot of pain. In such a situation, the doctors advised him to return to Mumbai and take rest.

Govinda Sunita Interview: Why there was a rift in Krishna Abhishek and Govinda’s family? Finally Sunita told the truth

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Govinda Female Fan Worked As House Help At His Home Was Caught By His Wife Sunita Read Details Inside

Govinda Female Fan: Apart from acting, Govinda is known for his dancing and amazing comic timing. There was no one to compete with Govinda’s stardom in the 90s. Girls used to yearn to have a glimpse of him, but once a fan had reached his house to be close to Govinda. This was disclosed by Govinda and his wife Sunita themselves during an interview.

When the house help became a fan

In an interview to Bollywood Bubble, Sunita told, ‘She was from a very affluent family. One day I saw him standing outside my house and asked – do you want work? Talk to my mother. She looks after all the household work. My mother hired her to do household work.

such an open fan’s pole

Govinda further told that she was not good at working, but when I was at home, she was very active. Sunita got a little suspicious seeing his manner and felt that something was wrong. Sunita told, ‘One day she was talking on the phone, so I snatched the phone from her. She was talking to her father. Then I came to know that he is from a very big family and his father has eight cars.

Govinda had secretly married

Please tell that Govinda had secretly married Sunita on March 11, 1987. He revealed his marriage on daughter Tina’s first birthday. Govinda gave blockbuster films like ‘Coolie No. 1’, ‘Raja Babu’, ‘Hero No. 1’, ‘Ankhiyon Se Goli Mare’, ‘Swarg’, ‘Saajan Chale Sasural’, ‘Bade Miyan Chote Miyan’ and ‘Naseeb’. Are.

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