Shukrawar Lakshmi Ji Worship On Friday Get Blessings And Successful Life Know Puja Vidhi And Upay

Remedy of Shukrawar and Lakshmi Ji Puja Vidhi: For worship in the scriptures, Friday (Shukrawar Puja) is dedicated to Maa Lakshmi. Worshiping Goddess Lakshmi (Lakshmi Puja Vidhi) on this day makes her happy quickly. For a happy life, progress and prosperity, worship Lakshmi ji at home on Friday.

Maa Lakshmi is called the goddess of wealth and prosperity. It is believed that the house where he is worshipped, there is no lack of happiness and one does not have to face financial problems. On the other hand, by doing some special measures on Friday, Goddess Lakshmi becomes happy quickly and her blessings remain forever. Know about Friday’s worship method and measures.

Friday Mother Lakshmi Puja Vidhi (Shukrawar Puja Vidhi)

To worship Goddess Lakshmi on Friday, get up early in the morning and take bath and then wear clean clothes. Wearing red colored clothes is considered auspicious on this day. After this prepare for worship. Prepare a post for worship and install a photo or idol of Maa Lakshmi by spreading a red colored cloth on it. Now offer flowers, roli, red bindi, chunri, bangle etc. to Maa Lakshmi by applying red colored tilak. After this, offer sweets or kheer. Then perform the aarti of Maa Lakshmi by showing incense and lamps. If you are fasting on Friday, then definitely read the fasting story.

Friday Remedies

  • Mother Lakshmi is pleased by donating white colored items on Friday and brings happiness and prosperity in life.
  • In the worship of Friday, definitely offer things related to Suhaag to Maa Lakshmi. Even this makes the mother happy.
  • If you feed sugar to black ants on Friday, it removes economic problems and increases money inflow.
  • If money doesn’t stop and money always remains tight, then offer lotus flower, makhana and batashe at the feet of Maa Lakshmi on Friday.
  • Clean the house properly on Friday and sprinkle Gangajal all over the house. Light a ghee lamp at the main door of the house in the evening. This increases positivity and Maa Lakshmi arrives at home.

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