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Satish Kaushik Famous Dialogues: Satish Kaushik has brought smile on millions of faces with his funny character in Hindi cinema. Satish’s acting was excellent. The way he used to play his character on the screen with seriousness, the lead stars also seemed pale in front of him. Whatever films he worked in, he made a different identity of his own. There was no answer to his comic role. Due to this, he has also won 2 awards. His funny dialogues have also been a hit on the screen. Let us tell you about the funny dialogues of Comedy King.

Eden– ‘There is a distant uncle and a mouth spoken sister-in-law, distant uncle stays away from me and mouth spoken sister-in-law never touches me.’

Husband going to in-laws house– ‘We are great musicians, artists, but nowadays absolutely useless.’

‘Our father is North India, our mother is South India, that’s why we are complete Indians.’

crazy mastana– ‘O last grain of tomato.’ ‘A Shining Moon of the New Moon’. ‘Pappu what is a pager, first he knocks, then he rings, then he confirms by knocking’.

double dhamaal– ‘O prince of the desolate state’. ‘Ae hit film ke flop hero log’. ‘Om Puri of Ae Bhojpuri Picture’. ‘Ae Multistar Cast Ke Side Hero’. ‘The tired clown people of comedy picture’. Hero of an over budget picture.

Pardesi Babu– ‘The blind of the eye still finds a place, the blind of wisdom does not find any place.’ ‘Oye, Guess Kar, Chavanni Dunga.’ ‘Oye you Rail Gaddi witch was born? When you see, it is seen running like Rajdhani Express.

You have crossed the limits- ‘I have a personal wife of my own’. ‘If my weight is more then the weight of my words will also be more’.

aunty number 1– ‘By the way I am a frosted man, my story is not known, there is no place for finance, the hero is not giving dates, the heroine is saying that I will wear full clothes.’

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