Satish Kaushik Death News Actor Call Archana Puran Singh Her 34th Crush In The Kapil Sharma Show

When Satish Kaushik started flirting with Archana Puran Singh: Bollywood actor Satish Kaushik has passed away at the age of 66. Heart attack has become the reason for the death of the actor. Hearing the news of Satish Khabar’s death, the entire Bollywood industry seems to be immersed in a wave of mourning. Satish Kaushik was the face of Bollywood who has entertained millions of people with his funny comedy. In such a situation, when Satish Kaushik reached the biggest show of comedy, The Kapil Sharma Show, the fun of entertainment was doubled. Satish Kaushik laughed a lot in Kapil Sharma’s show as well as flirted a lot with Archana Puran Singh.

Satish flirted with Archana in Kapil’s show

As soon as Kapil Sharma gets Satish Kaushik to enter the stage, Satish Kaushik loses his heart on seeing Archana Puran Singh. As soon as he comes on stage, Satish Kaushik makes the audience laugh with funny stories. As soon as Satish Kaushik sees Archana Puran Singh, he tells Kapil Sharma to keep his hand on his heart. During this, Kapil is seen telling the condition of his heart by keeping his hand on Satish Kaushik’s heart. Satish Kaushik tells that Archana Puran Singh is his 34th crush.

Satish Kaushik openly flirts with Archana Puran Singh on stage. Telling a funny story, Satish Kaushik had told how once Archana Puran Singh was looking for an opportunity to impress her when she was looking scared. Telling a funny story, Satish Kaushik said that – I love it, I know how it happened… We had gone to Dubai to show Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja, the most disaster film of India that I had made. We had reached Dubai to promote it.

The actor further says – I was on the backstage, then Archana came running to me crying. I asked what happened to Archana, she said crying that some people had misbehaved in the bus. I said what are you talking about but I thought in my mind that this is the chance to impress her, the hero inside me was coming out. I called the organizer and said that if those boys do not come in 5 minutes, then I will stop the whole show. Then those boys fell at his feet after apologizing, then he hugged me. Since then it has become my 34th crush.

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