Ranbir Kapoor On Taking A Break After His Next Film Wants To Spend Time With Raha | Ranbir Kapoor will go on a 6-month leave to spend time with daughter Raha

Ranbir Kapoor On Break: Even before the birth of daughter Raha, Ranbir Kapoor had expressed his desire that he would go on Paternity Live. Now he has announced that he is going on a 6-month vacation to spend time with his daughter. Not only this, he says that now he does not want to sign any film just for money.

In a conversation with Pinkvilla, Ranbir spoke about the reason behind taking a break after ‘Animal’ and said, ‘Well, I hope I get something I like soon but I am happy with this break as I am a father right now. I am made so that I will get some time to spend with my daughter. And I really didn’t like anything and I don’t want to be one of those actors who sign films just to make money unless I really like something.’ Ranbir further said that ‘I am in my 16th year now, so I just want to be. I am busy, I want to work with inspiration and love.

Work has to be done on quality not quantity

Ranbir says that he wants to give quality to his fans. “People know it’s a very difficult profession and it requires a lot of hard work, sacrifice and a lot of luck. So everyone is out there trying and I think a little bit of media support would be nice,” he said. .It goes along. So, it does (bother) you sometimes, but there are ups and downs, films will start doing well and people will forget it and nobody can use this hashtag ‘Boycott Bollywood’ and Will not miss other things. So I think we just have to give content, make good films and audience is waiting because they love cinema. So when you have a good film, people will have a good time Come to theaters to spend time. That time is coming soon and more films are going to do well.”

Will start work on ‘Brahmastra 2’

Post Animal, Ranbir is expected to take a break of 5 months from acting. He intends to read a lot of scripts and spend some time with daughter Raha in the above time period. By the end of the year, Ranbir is expected to start shooting for ‘Brahmastra 2’.

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