Pakistani Actor Feroze Khan Accused Of Domestic Violence By Ex-wife Supports Favorite Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Feroze Khan Support Nawazuddin Siddiqui: In the controversy between Bollywood actors Nawazuddin and Aaliya Siddiqui, now Pakistani artists are also entering. Actually, Pakistani actor Feroz Khan has supported Nawazuddin in this matter. Along with this, the allegations leveled by Aaliya Siddiqui have also been mentioned. Please inform that Feroze Khan himself has been caught in the allegations of domestic violence. He was accused by his ex-wife Alija Sultan. Actually, Firoz Khan wrote a congratulatory message to Nawazuddin on Twitter.

Firoz Khan wrote this
Firoz Khan wrote, ‘I wish my favorite actor.’ Along with this, he also created a bicep emoji. Please tell that Aaliya Siddiqui had accused Nawazuddin of raping her and taking her and both her children out of the house. In response to this, Nawazuddin retaliated on Monday (March 6) and presented his stand. Hours later, actress Kangana Ranaut also came out in favor of Nawazuddin. He said, ‘It was very important for Nawazuddin to present his side. Keeping silence cannot solve all the problems.

Nawaz kept his point like this
In his statement, Nawazuddin had said that he and Aaliya have not been living together for many years. He is already divorced. He wrote, ‘I am not making any kind of allegations. I am just telling my feelings. Alia is doing everything only for money. Nawazuddin told how he gave money to Alia to spend her life and do films. Nawaz said that Alia had made false allegations earlier also. She does this just to get money.

also told the reason for keeping silent

Nawazuddin said, ‘I am being misunderstood because of my silence. The only reason for my silence is that by my speaking this whole matter will reach my children in one way or the other. The press and some people are doing character assassination of me citing one-sided and morphed videos.

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