Natasa Stankovic Bridal Gown Had 15 Feet Long Veli For Her Wedding Which Took 50 Days To Make

Natasa Stankovic – Hardik Pandya Wedding: As much as fans like cricketer Hardik Pandya for his brilliant game, his style and especially his bonding with his wife Natasa Stankovic is discussed more. Hardik and Natasha had a court marriage in the year 2020 in a hurry. Now this couple has fulfilled the wishes that were left at that time by marrying again. These days the discussion of Natasha and Hardik is going on continuously on the tongue of the fans.

Hardik-Natasha married again

On February 14, Natasha and Hardik once again took vows and tied the knot again in front of friends and family members in Udaipur. When both of them reached the venue for the wedding on Valentine’s Day, Natasha was looking very beautiful and Hardik was looking very handsome. During this, Natasha wore a custom made wedding gown by designers Shantanu and Nikhil.

Precious stones studded in Natasha’s dress

The pictures of Natasha and Hardik’s wedding went viral as soon as they came on social media. On the occasion of his marriage, Hardik wore a black suit in which he looked very sober and handsome. While talking about Natasha’s wedding gown, it was studded with precious stones and pristine pearls. The inner skirt of the gown was made of Persian satin fabric.

Dress ready in 50 days

The designers who designed Natasha’s wedding gown say that the initials N and H of the couple’s names were written on its veil in such a way that they are not visible. The veil of Natasha’s wedding gown has been worked so closely that it took 50 days of hard work to prepare just the veil to give a complete feel to this fairytale love story of Natasha-Hardik.

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