Motivational Quotes Learn From Lord Hanuman Mantra For Successful Life Know Safalta Ki Kunji

Safalta Ki Kunji, Motivational Thoughts In Hindi: Lord Hanuman is the only God incarnate in Kalyug who is present on earth. Hanumanji is called an incarnation of Bholenath and a devotee of Shri Ram. Exclusive devotion towards Shriram, instinctive feelings, struggle to find Mother Sita, focus on goal, fire bath to Lanka and cleverness from Sursa demon etc. are such qualities of Hanumanji, which should be there in every person. These qualities of Hanuman ji are called the formula of success.

Adopt these qualities of Hanuman ji to get success

Keep the body active and the mind passive: Activity is the first step to success. That’s why one should be active. But keep your body active and your mind inactive. Because only after keeping the mind calm, you can get free from many problems of life and move towards your goal or concentrate. Hanumanji had also done the same thing before going to Lanka.

Vigilant Fighting Ability: You will be able to achieve your goal only when you are aware of the goal. Hanumanji also had to face many problems while going to Lanka. But he remained alert to his definite goal and went ahead only by touching the mountain Mainak, which has the facility of luxury.

Cleverness is important: We also learn to be clever from Hanuman ji. While crossing the sea, when the demon Sursa wanted to eat him, Hanuman ji cleverly increased the size of his body and suddenly reduced it. In this way, after entering the mouth of Sursa, he dodged and came out. Sursa was also pleased with this cleverness and left him.

Courtesy: Every person must have a humble nature. Especially this quality is very important for achieving success. The form of mighty Hanumanji teaches us that being strong or big is not everything, but only by being humble we will be able to achieve our goal.

Virtues of Bhakti: Intellect and logic are only as far as it reaches. But devotion makes the mind strong. Among the many qualities, devotion is the best quality of Hanuman ji. Hanumanji should become a dear devotee of Shri Ram by virtue of his devotion. Every person must have the quality of devotion. Because faith gets affected due to lack of devotion and as soon as faith gets affected, self-confidence starts to weaken.

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