Mahesh Bhatt Says He Was Stigmatized As Illegitimate Child | Mahesh Bhatt recalled the bitter memories of his childhood, said

Mahesh Bhatt On His Father: Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt is seen talking openly about every aspect of his life. Recently, he has shared some bitter memories related to his childhood. He told how he was seen as an ‘illegitimate child’ due to the circumstances. In a new episode of Arbaaz Khan’s chat show ‘The Invincibles’, Mahesh Bhatt reveals how his mother had to hide her identity and live as a Hindu despite being a Muslim.

was considered illegitimate

Please tell here that Mahesh Bhatt, who was born in the marriage of a Muslim mother and a Hindu father, talked about the time when he was stigmatized as an ‘illegitimate child’. He said, “I was born in 1948, this was post-independence India and my mother was a Shia Muslim, but we lived in Shivaji Park where most of the people were Hindus and they hid their identities and wore sarees, got tikas.”

Mahesh Bhatt said that his house was called ‘illegitimate house’. Told about his father that he was a film producer who lived with his second family in Andheri. Mahesh Bhatt said, “When he came to our house, I felt like an outsider had come. I would encounter people who would put me in a corner and ask me about my father.” He also said that he was similarly harassed until he lied about his birth and his father. was done.

During this, he also talked about his first earning. Talking about his first earning at the age of 15 or 16, which was Rs 53, Mahesh said, “I remember bringing it to my mother and I proudly show it to her.” went and I said ‘money’. She saw it and she kept it in her blouse and said ‘Isko mai apne kalje ke paas rakhoongi.’

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