Mahashivratri 2023 Shani Dev Started Lord Shiva Worship For Mother Proud Know Mythological Story

Mahashivratri 2023, Mythological Story of Lord Shiva and Shani Dev: In Hinduism, Shani Dev is called the god of justice. Because they give fruits to their devotees only on the basis of their deeds. Mahashivaratri is the day of devotion to Lord Shiva. Devotees worship Mahadev on this day. this year mahashivratri It is falling on 18 February 2023. But do you know that Shani Dev was also a devotee and disciple of Lord Shiva.

Shanidev pleased Lord Shiva by performing severe penance. Its description is found in mythology. But once Shanidev had done penance to Lord Shiva for the sake of honoring his mother.

When Surya got suspicious seeing the black color of Shani

According to the legend, Shani was born on the new moon day of Jyeshta month due to the harsh penance of Sun God’s wife Swarna (Chhaya). Shani’s mother had done penance for Lord Shiva. After taking birth from mother’s womb due to strong heat and sunlight, Saturn’s complexion turned black. But due to the penance of Lord Shiva, child Shani was blessed with immense power.

Once when Surya Dev came to meet his wife Chhaya, his eyes closed due to the brightness of his son Shani. But when Surya saw the black color of Shani with his divine vision, he could not believe that it was his son. Surya Dev raised suspicion on his wife Chhaya that Shani was his own son. Not only this, Surya Dev did not even show love for his son after seeing Shani for the first time. It was only after this that Shani’s mind developed a sense of enmity towards his father Surya. Although Sun is the father of Shani, but there is a sense of enmity between father and son.

When Shani became more powerful than father Surya Dev

After this, Shanidev did penance to Lord Shiva and pleased him. Shivji was pleased with Shani’s penance and asked him to ask for a boon. Shani told Shivji that, my father Surya has disrespected my mother. That’s why you give me the boon of being more powerful and worshipable than the Sun. Shivji gave such a boon to Shani and after that he got the best place among the nine planets and he also became the supreme judge and magistrate. Shivji while blessing said to Shani that, not only ordinary humans but gods, asuras, siddhas, Vidyadhars, Gandharvas and snakes all will be afraid of your name.

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