Mahashivratri 2023 On 18 February Lord Shiva Puja Must Offer Belpatra Or Bilvapatra In Shivling

Mahashivratri 2023, Bel Patra Importance of Lord Shiva Puja: The day of Mahashivaratri is very special for the worship of Lord Shiva. Though Masik Shivratri is held every month, but the Shivratri that falls on the Chaturdashi of Krishna Paksha of Phalgun month is called Mahashivaratri. This year Mahashivratri is on Saturday 18 February 2023.

Jalabhishek or Rudrabhishek is performed in the worship of Lord Shiva and after that some materials are offered and duly worshipped. Belpatra or Bilvapatra is one of the main things offered to Lord Shiva. Know the rules of offering and breaking Belpatra to Lord Shiva on Mahashivaratri and what to do if Bilvapatra cannot be found on Mahashivaratri.

Rules and benefits of offering Belpatra

  • Always clean belpatra should be offered on Shivling.
  • While offering Belpatra, keep in mind that the smooth part should be towards the bottom, the rough part should be towards the top.
  • You can offer belpatra in the number of 3, 11 or 21.
  • Belpatra is very dear to Shivji and by offering Belpatra on Mahashivaratri, financial crisis and poverty go away.
  • On the day of Mahashivaratri, the married women who offer belpatra on the Shivling get the blessings of unbroken good fortune.
  • If you have any wish, write your wish or Om Namah Shivay with sandalwood on Belpatra and offer it on Shivling.

Do not break Belpatra on the day of Mahashivratri

It has been said in Shiv Purana that, on the day when Belpatra is to be offered to Lord Shiva, Belpatra should not be broken on that day. You break the belpatra a day in advance and keep it. Belpatra should not be broken on Monday, Shivratri, Amavasya, Chaturdashi, Ashtami, Navami and Chaturthi. The festival of Mahashivratri also happens on Falgun Chaturdashi. That’s why the belpatra should not be broken even on this day. You can keep the belpatra by breaking it a day before the puja.

Belpatra is not available on Mahashivratri, then worship like this

If for some reason you are not able to get belpatra to be offered in worship on the day of Mahashivratri, then you can offer the belpatra on Shivling with devotion after washing it with Ganga water or pure water. Because Belpatra never becomes stale, false or unholy and offering Belpatra in this way also gives full results.

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