Kareena Kapoor Tries Action As She Plays Black Widow In The Wastelanders

Kareena Kapoor In The Wastelanders: Along with films, Kareena Kapoor keeps trying something new. Now Kareena Kapoor is coming with a podcast of her own. Recently, Kareena has announced this podcast series of hers. During this, she told that she is bringing Marvel’s ‘The Wastelanders’ on audible.in. In this, Kareena Kapoor will play the character of Black Widow.

In a conversation with The Indian Express, Kareena talked about her experience of acting completely with voice, how it was to express without any scenes. He said, “The fact is that Black Widow is an iconic character and it is a very powerful and fearless character. Somewhere when material was being sent to me regarding this character, I was able to connect with it. Only after connecting to it I felt that I can play it. Somewhere I am also quite fearless in a positive way. Due to this connection, I immediately agreed to this character.

Kareena says, she is now ready to give her personal touch to the character of Black Widow, as it will be played in Hindi. Kareena has not yet dubbed for the series, but she wants to give her personal touch to the character. She said, “Let’s see what I can add, a little bit of mystery, a little bit of power is what I am thinking of adding to the character.” When asked if she would also add a little glamorous Poo (Kareena’s iconic character from Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham) to it, she laughed and said, “No, Poo Black Widow, imagine.”

Kareena tells The Wastelanders that it is because people are ready to explore female action films. She added, “We have grown up watching action-packed films in Bollywood, but I think it is time people are open to discovering female actresses who do a variety of roles, including action roles. . While I have not been able to work on this format in a feature film yet. I would love to play a detective or an assassin on screen, I think it is high time I tried action, I think I am capable of doing it. So I am looking forward to playing ‘Black Widow’ as a start in that direction.”

When asked if he feels that audio series have been offered to stars because of their star pull. He said, “I think so. I think there’s always this fad anyway, even when this Marvel is very different from the audible Marvel (cinematic universe). The characters are the same but the story is totally different. Everyone, At any age, everyone is a fan of Marvel, everyone knows about their characters, so to Indianize it and tell it in a completely different way, and in Hindi, it targets a different kind of audience. doing.”

When Kareena was asked if her kids Taimur and Jeh are also fans of superheroes and whether they are excited that their parents are all set to play superheroes soon. He said, “My younger son is 2, he’s too young for that. My older son, yes, he’s into Thor and Wolverine and he and his dad keep discussing it more than me.”

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