Kangana Ranaut Came Out In Support Of RRR Director SS Rajamouli Said To The Trollers I Will Not Tolerate Anything Against Rajamouli Sir | Kangana Ranaut came out in support of RRR director, spoke to the trollers

Kangana Ranaut Support SS Rajamouli: Ever since Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut made a comeback on Twitter, she has been expressing her opinion everyday on some or the other issue. At the same time, the actress has come to the rescue of ‘RRR’ director SS Rajamouli. Kangana not only supported filmmaker SS Rajamouli in a series of tweets, but also instructed ‘right-wing organizations’ not to target the director.

User targeted Rajamouli
In fact, recently SS Rajamouli gave an interview to The New Yorker in which he talked in detail about his views on religion and Hindu scriptures. On this, a Twitter user targeted Rajamouli. The user wrote in his tweet, “Inspired by the novel The Fountainhead, SS Rajamouli has said that religion is essentially a form of exploitation ‘RRR, Baahubali director ne suniye kya here kaha hai.’

It is not right to carry saffron flag everywhere
Supporting Rajamouli after the user’s comment, Kangana wrote in her tweet, “No need to overreact, it is not okay to carry saffron flag everywhere, our actions speak louder than words. Being a proud Hindu All kinds of attacks, hostility, trolling and massive amounts of negativity are called for, we make films for all.”

I will not tolerate anything against Rajamouli sir
Kangana wrote in another tweet, “We artists are especially vulnerable because we do not get any support even from the so-called right wing. We are absolutely on our own. That’s why sit down. Don’t even dare. I will not tolerate anything against Rajamouli sir. Who are like a flame in the rain. A genius and a patriot, he is a Yogi of the highest order. We are blessed to have them.”

The interesting thing is that Kangana is often seen supporting the right wing, but this time the actress was seen speaking against it.

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