Holi Holika Dahan 2023 Natural Color Benefits Scientific Reason And Importance

Holi 2023 Religious and Scientific Importance: The festival of Holi will be celebrated on Wednesday 08 March and Holika Dahan will be done on Tuesday. On the occasion of Holi, the markets are decorated with colorful gulal, the sweet smell of gujiyas has started coming from every house and every face is drenched in colours.

The religious stories of Holika Dahan and Holi are associated with Vishnu devotee Prahlad, Holika, King Hiranyakashyap, Radha-Krishna, Lord Shiva and Lord Rama. At the same time, its scientific importance is no less, which is as important to understand as celebrating the festival of Holi. Know about the colors of Holi and the scientific importance and benefits of Holika Dahan.

Benefits of Holika Dahan from scientific point of view

Holika Dahan is lit not only in villages and towns but also in cities at every street, square and crossroads. Holika Dahan takes place at the time when the winter season is passing and the summer season is coming. During this, there are rapid changes in the weather, due to which many types of bacteria that spread infection and disease are born. The bacteria present around that area are destroyed by the fire of Holika Dahan and this also reduces the risk of diseases.

On the other hand, there is importance of circumambulating the fire of Holika during Holika Dahan. In such a situation, while parikrama, the body temperature crosses 50 degrees and due to the heat of the fire, the body feels warm. This heat also destroys the bacteria and germs present in the body.

Before Holi, people also clean their house and due to the cleanliness of the house, the bacteria in the dust and soil present in the house are also eliminated. In Hinduism, there is importance of cleaning every corner on special festivals. Cleaning of normal days, this dirt cannot be cleaned only by sweeping and mopping.

Holi’s natural colors are beneficial for the body

Although people use many types of colors in Holi, which are full of chemicals and are harmful for the skin. But always use herbal or natural colors on Holi which are prepared from palash, jason, marigold, beet etc. Playing Holi with such colors energizes the body and does not cause any harm to the skin. Because natural colors help drive away laziness.

That’s why celebrate Holi and celebrate it fiercely. Because there are not only mythological beliefs behind celebrating Holi but also scientific benefits.

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