Holi 2023 Special Baba Bulleh Shah Sufism Holi Shayari Hori Khelungi Kah Kar Bismillah

Holi 2023 Special, Baba Bulleh Shah Sufism Holi: The festival of Holi is not only a festival of colors but it is a festival of unity of religions, it is a festival of communal harmony. It might be difficult to say how many colors are there in Holi. Because in the colors of Holi, from Krishna and Radha to Mughal, Sufi saints, Hazrat-Amir Khusro, Shah Niyaz Ahmed Barelvi and Baba Bulleh Shah were also colored a lot. That’s why Holi sometimes became a symbol of love, sometimes an example of unity and sometimes Holi taught Ganga-Jamuni culture. The Mughals even named Holi as Eid-e-Gulabi and Aab-e-Palashi.

This is the specialty of Holi that it is difficult to identify the person who gets colored by Holi, that he belongs to which caste or religion. In the color of Holi, not Hindu-Muslims but only humans are seen. That’s why even Amir Khusro has said that, ‘Since Radha became Shyam’s eyes, Radhika became Shyam, Radha became Shyam’. Something like this is the color of Holi, which got colored in its color then what are you and what am I. Bulleh Shah wrote in his Kalam – ‘I will play Hori by saying Bismillah’.

There were many poets among Sufi saints, but Baba Bulleh Shah’s Sufi poetry is a milestone. The poetry written by his Kalam would have been as if he had written it by dipping the pen of his knowledge in the syrup of love and measuring it with the scale of faith. That’s why no matter how many times his Sufi poetry is read or heard, it seems less.

Even on Holi, Baba Bulleh Shah wrote many poetry from his Kalam, in which the most special and popular is-‘Holi khelungi keh kar Bismillah’. In fact, in Islam, when any justified work is done, Bismillah is recited first or Bismillah is said. Baba Bulleh Shah also says in his Kalam to start playing Holi by saying Bismillah. That is, they are also telling to play Holi as a legitimate work.

There has always been an attempt to divide religion on the basis of food, colour, clothes etc. But India’s culture and Teej festivals always kept the brotherhood alive. That’s why sevaiya is distributed in the whole locality on Eid. In Diwali the whole locality was illuminated with lamps and in Holi colors were seen on every face. Presenting the example of unity of religion, Baba Bulleh Shah’s beautiful composition has also been written on Holi, which presents the harmony of culture. Bulleh Shah says..


Hori will play Say

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