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Holi Jokes: This time Holi of colors will be played on 8th March. Holi is a festival of happiness. In this festival of colors away from estrangement, everyone gets colored in the colors of happiness. To spice up the atmosphere of colour, frolic and fun, today we have brought some funny Holi jokes for you, reading which you will not be able to stop laughing. This time, send Holi wishes to relatives, friends and all your loved ones through these jokes and be the reason for the smile on their faces.

Got to know only after playing colors on Holi
no matter how much facebook
the color will come out only with laundry soap

Don’t wear so many old clothes in Holi
so that someone leaves you with bread in hand
don’t feel bad it’s Holi


dharma reels

On the day of Holi, Chintu was sitting outside the house sad
Seeing Chintu, his friend asked – what happened brother?
Chintu- Your sister-in-law is not allowing you to come inside the house.
Friend – why?
Sohan- She is saying that even before you 4 people entered saying that
He is Sohan and went away after having free food.

Do not play Holi so much on the day of Holi that
Aadhaar card has to be shown to enter one’s own house.

potato out of the ground
Falgun Chalu ho gaya
the mouse came out of the hole
happy holi dil se

who didn’t bathe all winter
Getting ready to bathe them
if you don’t come out
will come home and shoot

Pintu- Why do you have color on your face every Sunday?
Chinki- Hey, I play Holi every Sunday.
Pintu – Why?
Chinki- Hey in our school the teacher has told that
Sunday means Holiday

Brother-in-law’s advice to sister-in-law – Those who don’t mind, it’s Holi
By saying this you paint
You too when Diwali comes
don’t mind, it’s diwali
Throw a bomb on them by saying.
Holi is

Happy Holi 2023 Wishes: Moon of Poonam, Doli of colors….. Send special messages of Holi to close ones, best wishes

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