Helen Shared When She Hide In Car To Escape Salma Khan Amid Relationship With Salim Khan

Salim Khan-Helen Relationship: The personal life of Bollywood’s famous writer Salim Khan has been in many controversies. Salim Khan has done two marriages in which one is Salma Khan and the other wife is Helen. Bollywood’s famous dancer and actress Helen is an integral part of the Khan family today, but she had to face criticism in the initial phase. In Arbaaz Khan’s show, Helen spoke openly about her relationship with Salim Khan.

Helen used to hide after seeing Salma Khan
Her stepmother and famous dancer Helen was seen in Arbaaz Khan’s chat show ‘The Invincibles’. Helen shared many interesting stories in the show. From his career, he spoke openly on the extra marital affair with Arbaaz’s father Salim Khan. Helen also told in talks that, when she had a relationship with Salim Khan, she used to hide in the car on seeing Salma Khan (Arbaaz Khan’s real mother).

i used to respect him a lot
Veteran actress Helen said, “What used to happen in the initial days, when I used to pass by the bus stand, I used to know that your mother (Salma Khan) would be standing there in the balcony, so I used to hide below in the car so that she could not see me.” See… I used to respect him a lot.”

salma khan used to call helen for party
Not only this, Arbaaz Khan also revealed on this show that the relationship between mother Salma and Helen has been very good. If Helen did not come to a party, then Salma used to call her first and asked her insistently.

Talking about Salma, Helen also said that ‘she must have suffered a lot. Luck brought me close to your father, and your mother was very nice…I never wanted to be separated from this family.’

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