Gulshan Grover Says There Were No Make Up Rooms That Time Bathing Under A Tree Read Details Inside

Gulshan Grover On Struggle: Gulshan Grover, one of the best stars of Bollywood, is known as ‘Badman’ in the industry. He has made the character of Villain alive on screen in most of the films. Recalling his old days, Gulshan Grover told that at that time there was no vanity van, so sometimes he used to get his makeup done outside and sometimes inside the car. Many times he had to take bath under the tree. Gulshan Grover made these revelations in Manish Paul’s podcast show.

there was no vanity van at that time

During the interview with Manish Paul, Gulshan Grover told that he used to reach the set 3 to 4 hours before so that he could get ready on time before the shoot. He said, ‘At that time there were no make-up rooms. We had to get ready at home or outside. Many times the make-up man used to start my make-up in the car itself. Gulshan told that there was no Lavish vanity van at that time, so he used to get makeup done sitting under a tree.

Because of this the directors used to get irritated with Gulshan

Gulshan told that when he used to take more time to get ready, it used to irritate the producers and directors. He laughed and told that when he was cast opposite Mithun Chakraborty, he used to tell the producers – don’t let it be a look, it will take two hours to prepare. Gulshan said, ‘It was very difficult. However, when those people used to see my work, they used to support a lot.

had to take bath sitting under the tree

In the show, Gulshan Grover told that after finishing the day’s shoot work, many times he had to go to the function in the evening. He said, ‘There were no vanity vans in those days, so you had to take a bath in the studio or under a tree to go to the function. After this, wearing a coat, he used to get ready and go to the function. However, I was not the only one doing all this. Many people used to do this ‘. It is known that Gulshan Grover has worked in more than 400 films in his career.

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