Gulshan Grover Reveals His Rivals Tried To Ruin His Career By Paying Film Producers | Gulshan Grover revealed, there was a conspiracy in the industry to end his career

Gulshan Grover, popularly known as Bad Man in Bollywood, has created a different identity on the basis of his acting. In the 90s, Gulshan Grover’s popularity used to compete with many heroes. Now after so many years, the actor has revealed that when he was at the peak of his career, there were many attempts to end his career.

Recently, Gulshan Grover appeared in the latest episode of Manish Paul’s podcast, where he made some shocking revelations about his acting career. He revealed that he has many rivals who tried to derail his career as a villain by paying filmmakers.

Group funding was done against me

He recalled the time when a producer offered him the lead role in his film on the condition that he would not play a negative role until the film was done. They said it was a ploy by their rivals in the industry who had collectively funded the producer to do this.

Gulshan said, “I didn’t have one rival, I had many rivals and they paid the producer for the film. But before that offer, I had rejected many films in which I was offered the role of the hero.” The actor further said that he took a conscious decision to avoid hero roles and also cited the example of a film starring Kamal Haasan, Padmini Kolhapure etc where he was offered the role of Haasan.

He said, “I’m not a rejected hero, I’m a villain of my choice. I want to be able to act all my life and choose roles that fulfill me irrespective of my age, my looks and my personality.” Life will be found and which are difficult and challenging.

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