Govinda Wife Sunita Finally Break Silence On Rift Between Her And Krushna Abhishek Family

Sunita On Krishna Abhishek: Govinda and Sunita’s relationship has been strained for a long time with their nephews Krishna Abhishek and Aarti Singh. In an interview last year, Krishna Abhishek and Aarti spoke openly about Govinda. He had told how Govinda had helped him when he was facing financial crisis. Now Govinda and Sunita recently gave an interview. During this, he was asked a question about Krishna Abhishek and Aarti, on which Govinda kept silence, but Sunita could not remain calm.

Sunita got angry on Govinda

Please tell that Govinda said that he does not want to discuss family matters through the media. At the same time, Sunita got angry on this statement of Govinda. Please tell that Krishna and Aarti are the children of Govinda’s sister Padma. When Govinda was a well-known name in Hindi films, both grew up in Lucknow. Everyone knows that later Krishna came to Mumbai and became an actor. At the same time, Aarti also stepped into the acting world following Krishna.

Sunita spoke openly
In a recent interview given to Bollywood Bubble, Sunita spoke openly about her relationship with both of them. Actually, Govinda and Sunita were asked that when Krishna came to Mumbai, in the initial days he was paid Rs 2000 per month. On this Sunita said that ‘Krishna and Aarti have given wrong information. She said that whenever she is asked about Krishna and Aarti, she gets irritated.

He said, ‘Please don’t talk about him because whatever he said on your show is not true. Because of this I am getting annoyed. Govinda will never say anything to him. I regret now that why I took care of them. Why did he lie that Govinda gave us only Rs 2000. They say that Govinda did not help us. This is not correct. He also went to Manish Paul’s show. Why are you (Govinda) so upset when he doesn’t care about talking to the media?

Govinda replied like this
Govinda said, ‘It is better if family matters are not discussed through the media. At that time my mother used to take decisions about everything. I don’t know what they were told, because they were so young. I don’t know what stories they were told. This often happens when you take too much care of people and others take the credit for it. His father was a very nice person and his mother was my dearest sister, so I don’t get into any kind of argument with him. Even if you are not praising me, I thank you. The truth will definitely come in front of everyone one day.

long standing feud

Please tell that Govinda-Sunita’s relationship with Krishna and his wife Kashmiri Shah has been bad for a long time. However, on many occasions all four are definitely seen together. When Krishna used to work in The Kapil Sharma Show, Krishna missed the show when Govinda arrived as a guest. At the same time, several years ago, Kashmira had tweeted referring to ‘people who dance for money’, which angered Sunita. He believed that Govinda was targeted through this tweet.

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