Govinda Talked About His Mother Warning Says He Begged If He Ditch His Wife Sunita Ahuja

Govinda On His Mother’s Warning: Govinda is a talented star of Bollywood, who ruled the industry for years with his dance moves and acting. There was a time when only Govinda used to be discussed in the film industry. His films were becoming hits and the news of his closeness with co-stars was gaining limelight. He had secretly married at the peak of his career in the industry. However, no one was allowed to know about this. In such a situation, his name was often associated with the co-star.

Mother had said such a thing to Govinda

Recently, Govinda told that his mother has a deep bond with Sunita Ahuja. Once his mother had said such a thing to Govinda, which he was surprised to hear. In an interview given to Bollywood Bubble, Govinda said, “Hey, she (mother) used very dirty words. He had said – you will beg if you cheat her (Sunita). I told him – you love her so much, then he said that she is Lakshmi.

Why did Govinda hide his marriage

Govinda and Sunita married secretly in 1987. Explaining the reason for hiding her marriage, Sunita said that she was not telling because at that time getting married to a star meant ending her career and Govinda was at the peak of his career when the marriage took place. Sunita said, “I told him to sign as many films as he can in a year, we would keep our marriage a secret, but when I had daughter Tina, we decided to announce it on her first birthday.”

You would be surprised to know that Sunita used to hide in her room to hide her marriage so that no one could see her.

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