Chanakya Niti Death Is Better Than Insult Chankya Happy Life Quotes In Hindi

Chanakya Niti: Chanakya says that human life is a mixture of hope and despair. There are five such things in the world which cause sorrow and happiness to a person from time to time. These are wealth, body, mind, intellect and spirituality. It is up to us which approach we take. A happy life is the key to success, but if trapped in the whirlpool of despair, we start worrying whether we will be able to succeed or not, then life will pass through troubles. Through a verse, Chanakya has mentioned things that give more pain than death. In such a situation, only a person’s understanding can give him happiness.

Rather, life-giving life.

Life is sacrificed, moments of sorrow are broken day by day.

contempt is more painful than death

Acharya Chanakya says that death is considered better than humiliation, he says that death only hurts for a moment but the life of humiliation kills people. Every day a person becomes hollow inside. With this statement, Chanakya has told that those who compromise on their honor have to be humiliated every day. Such people spend their life drinking the bitter sip of insult, the status of a person who suffers repeated insults also decreases in the society, people also start disliking that person and even leave him with them.

Take revenge of insult like this

Chanakya says that if a person insults, then it is wise to bear it once. Tolerating the insult for the second time gives the introduction of that person’s greatness, but if he has to bear the insult for the third time also, then it is called foolishness of the person. When someone insults you, do not answer him in his language because the opponent is ready for your every attack. Chanakya says that if you want to avenge the insult, your biggest weapon is your smile in front of the enemy. Through a smile, you can hurt him deeply without touching him.

Chanakya Niti: If you want to become rich then first know this thing of Chanakya, you will never be poor

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