Buddha Amritwani Gautam Buddha Thoughts And Story Remove Every Sorrow Of Life

Buddha Amritwani Gautam Buddha Thoughts: The teachings of Lord Gautam Buddha are still relevant among the people. The reason for this is that from the story, teachings and teachings of Gautam Buddha, a person learns a successful and happy life. Gautam Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, always taught people the sense of truth, non-violence and compassion. This is the reason that not only in India but also in many other countries there are people who believe in Buddha.

‘Sorrow’ is the main reason for the troubles of every person’s life. But this is such a thing, which definitely happens in everyone’s life. Because happiness and sorrow remain engaged in life. Neither the time of happiness remains constant nor that of sorrow. But who likes to be sad in life. Gautam Buddha says that suffering becomes more painful when you allow it to dominate you. But only after knowing sorrow, one can feel happiness. Gautam Buddha tells about 3 measures to get rid of sorrow, which are as follows-

  • What is sadness: Gautam Buddha says that in order to stay away from sorrow, first of all it is necessary to know what is sorrow. There is no such creature in the world, who does not have sorrow in his life. Grief is a normal condition. That’s why sorrow should never be allowed to dominate oneself. Sorrow will stay away from you only when you try to keep yourself happy.
  • What is the cause of suffering: Buddha says that the main cause of suffering is due to the intense desire to achieve something. That’s why there is no sorrow in the life of a person who has no craving for anything. That’s why one should not expect much about anything.
  • Remedies to remove sorrow: Sorrow is there in everyone’s life. Gautam Buddha says that one has to understand that suffering does not last forever. There is also a way to remove it. Regarding the prevention of sorrow, Buddha says that in order to keep sorrow away, a person should always know the eightfold path and walk on the right path. This will never hurt him.

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