Anil Sharma Says Sunny Deol Gadar Called Anti Muslim Film Reveals What Happened After Release On Theaters

Sunny Deol Gadar Controversy: The sequel of Sunny Deol’s blockbuster film Gadar is going to hit the theaters after almost 2 decades. In this, once again Sunny Deol will go to Pakistan as Tara Singh. However, very few people know that ‘Gadar’, released in the year 2001, has its own history. There was a lot of ruckus about this. The situation had become such that the police force had to be deployed outside the theatres. The film’s director Anil Sharma himself has told about the controversies related to ‘Gadar’.

things happening on social media
In a conversation with Aaj Tak, Anil Sharma was asked that nowadays the Boycott trend is going on on social media. If people see anything insensitive, they dismiss it. In response to this, Anil Sharma told that there has been no change in the earlier and the present time. Earlier people were intolerant and they are still today, but the difference is that such things used to happen on tea stalls, but today they are happening on social media.

Theaters were set on fire

Nowadays people have become very sensitive about religion. On this, Anil Sharma said, ‘Look, people have the right to speak their mind. This happened during the release of Gadar as well. Many theaters were set on fire. There was a lot of uproar. I remember that theaters in Hyderabad, Bhopal and many other places were set on fire.

The film was called anti-Muslim

He further told that beer bottles had run out in the theaters of London. It was only after this that it was said that plastic bottles would be used in theatres, not glass bottles. However, after a few days everything had calmed down. Some people had spread rumors that everything in the film is anti-Muslim, but when people saw the film, they came to know that it was not so. We have never made any film against any religion and country.

People saw the film in police deployment

Anil Sharma told that after the release of ‘Gadar’, 50 policemen used to be stationed after the theatres. The film used to run for 24 hours. There were 8 shows everyday. The duty of the police used to change every 6 hours. After the release, five and a half crore audiences reached to watch the film. Gadar film had created a history. Let us tell that ‘Gadar 2’ will hit the theaters on August 11, 2023.

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