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Amar Singh Chamkila Death Anniversary: Born on 21 July 1960 in Dugri village of Ludhiana, Amar Singh Chamkila wanted to become an electrician. However, he got a job in a cloth mill. Amar was fond of music since childhood, due to which he gradually learned to play harmonium and dholki. When he started singing, he also learned to play Tumbi.

Surinder Shinda gave support
When Amar used to work in the mill, he used to write songs during that time. Actually, in Punjab it was the era of singers like Surinder Shinda, Kuldeep Manak and Gurdas Maan. When Amar turned 18, he approached Surinder Shinda. Amar wrote songs for him, which were well liked. After this, Amar decided to sing himself to overcome his financial problems.

Amar Singh’s stage presence used to be different

When Amar Singh started singing songs, he left behind big singers. Actually, along with the lyrics of his songs, his stage presence was also different. His songs used to tell the reality of that era of Punjab. During that time, Amar Singh added Chamkila to his name. In fact, in Amar Singh’s songs, there was mention of everything from intoxication to fighting with women.

found true love like this

In just 10 years, the glory of Amar Singh was visible all over Punjab. He achieved fame in his career. During that time, Amarjot Kaur became the partner of Amar Singh Chamkila on the stage. Actually, both of them met in 1980. This was the period when Chamkila was looking for a stage partner for himself and Amarjot was just like that. Amarjot’s enthusiasm and attitude was liked by Amar Singh and their love blossomed. After this Amar Singh divorced his wife and married Amarjot in 1983.

Used to do 366 shows in 365 days

It is worth noting that Amar Singh Chamkila was not free on any day. He used to do 366 shows in 365 days of the year. Apart from India, fans of his voice were also in Canada, America and Dubai. He used to charge four to five thousand rupees for doing a show in the 80s.

This is how Amar Singh was killed

Chamkila’s name had become famous everywhere in the mid-80s, but this was the period when terrorism was at its peak in Punjab. Even in such a bad environment, 200 to 300 people used to reach Chamkila’s show. The day of March 8, 1988 proved to be very painful for Amar Singh’s fans and family. In fact, on the same day, Chamkila and his wife Amarjot went with their band for a live performance at Mehsampur, 40 km from Jalandhar. When he was going on stage, some bike riders fired about 30 rounds indiscriminately at him, in which Amar Singh and his wife Amarjot died. Till date it is not known why Chamkila was murdered. Nor could his murderers be found.

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