Adipurush Starring Kriti Sanon Spoke About Her Love Life Read Here

Kriti Sanon Reveals On Love Life: If we talk about the powerful actress of Hindi cinema, Kriti Sanon’s name will definitely be included in it. Kriti Sanon is well known for her amazing acting and flawless beauty. At present, along with her films, Kriti has been in a lot of headlines regarding her love life. Meanwhile, Kriti Sanon has spoken openly about her love life. Kriti has told that she becomes blind in love. Apart from this, Kriti Sanon has also disclosed about her past.

Kriti Sanon spoke on love life

In a recent interview given to BBC, Kriti Sanon was asked a question about her love life. To which Kriti Sanon has openly replied. Kriti Sanon has said that- ‘It may happen that I am very busy and that’s why there is probably no one in my life, I have not met anyone yet. But am I shut about that thing then it is not like that at all. Although it is not that I have not had a love life, I have also had a love life in the past. It is probably my time to do a lot of work and the right person is probably not around me or I have not found it.

Apart from this, Kriti Sanon has also told about the past relationship that- ‘I feel that I become a little blind in love. I start trusting the person in front a lot. Although now I will be a little cautious and know better, I will not trust everything too soon. According to me, no relationship works without trust and someone has said that love is blind.

Kriti Sanon linked up with Prabhas

Earlier, Kriti Sanon’s name has been in the news for dating the superstar of South Cinema, Prabhas. However, Kriti has already termed the news of her relationship with Prabhas as mere rumours. Apart from this, there has never been any official confirmation about the relationship from both these stars. It is known that Kriti Sanon will be seen in the films ‘Adipurush’ and ‘Ganpat’ in the coming times.

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