Aamir Khan will be a part of YRF’s Spy Universe, will do action with Shahrukh-Salman?

Shah Rukh and Salman – These two Khans of Bollywood are no less than any pride. His fans are innumerable. The result of which is visible from the success of Pathan. If two Bollywood superstars are cast in a film, then the success of that film can skyrocket. That’s why Yash Raj Films has insisted on this film.

It is heard that producer Aditya Chopra is handling the story of Shahrukh and Salman’s film. Joining them is Sridhar Raghavan, who has been roped in as a mentor to write the story for Yash Raj Films’ Spy Universe.

Will Aamir Khan be a part of the Spy series

In an interview given to ‘BollywoodLife’, Abbas said, ‘He (Yash Raj) created the Spy Universe. It is expected that many more films will be made on Pathan, Tiger, Kabir. Then why no film will be made on Aamir Khan!

So will Aamir Khan be seen in any Spy Universe film in the coming days? On this question, Abbas said, ‘No, I have given my opinion. I mean, if you’re making a spy universe film, why not cast someone like Aamir Khan?’

In this context, he says, “I can say that nothing like this was said. I only talked about my imagination. Think how exciting it would be if Aamir did a film like this.

But Aamir Khan has not said anything about it till now. His last film ‘Lal Singh Chadha’ failed at the box office. His fans feel that after this Aamir will do a film which can live up to the expectations of the audience. 

Pathan’s run at the box office has not stopped yet. It is understood that after the success of the film, preparations for the future have started in Yash Raj’s house.

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